Racelogic Motorsport VBOX Dealer

Amberspeed are Racelogic official dealers offering the latest and best motorsport data logging equipment available.

We can supply the equipment, install and set it up in your race car and with our expert ARDS Race Instructors we can analyse the data at the race track.

These systems can make you faster.

Using Circuit tools we can connect the ecu from the car and analyse the driver inputs and monitor engine functions.Types of data that can be monitored include.

  • Engine RPM
  • Throttle position
  • Brake pressure
  • Wheel Speed
  • GPS Speed
  • G Forces,
  • Engine temperature
  • Engine oil pressure

These are just some examples but many more options can be monitored. Using these parameters and the dual video cameras we can analyse and determine where the car or driver is losing time and focus on how lap times can be reduced for a competitive advantage.

See our online shop for details or contact us on amberspeed@outlook.com

Race Tuition

Amberspeed have massive experience on the race track with over 20 years of racing experience.

We have a number or Grade A ARDS instructors that can help you to drive better, safer and faster than you have ever done before.

Our ARDS racing school instructors are among the best in the industry all having won races and championships through their racing career.

Track tuition is the best upgrade to your car you will ever make.

Talk to us about your requirements either individually or for a corporate event and we can tailor the training to suit your needs.




















For more information please contact us on amberspeed@outlook.com