Amberspeed detailing services (CSP Approved)

Washing and keeping your prestige, performance or supercar clean without damaging your paint is always a challenge. Washing the car with dirty sponges puts small scratches known as swirls and spiderwebbing into the paint which can only be removed with professional polishing.

How do you stop this from happening? Answer. Entrust Amberspeed to safe clean and decontaminate your paint, glass and wheels. Also where required we can professionally stage 1,2 or 3 polish the imperfections from the paintwork. This will enhance the paint finish leaving exemplary levels of gloss, better than when the car was new.

Once the paint has been corrected we can professionally apply specialist Nano and Ceramic coatings to protect the paint from road grit or general use. This service is best used when protecting the paint on a new car or when enhancing the paint on an older car with some scratches and marks.

Amberspeed are CSP Detailing System Approved Vehicle detailers. As CSP Approved Detailers we are able to exclusively apply the latest CSP Nano Particle Protection System and enjoy the benefits it brings.

We treat every car with care making sure the correct processes and products are used to clean, decontaminate, correct and polish, and finishing with the protection of your choice.

CSP Detailing System includes a specifically formulated range of products.




Ph Neutral Conditioning Snow Foam and Lubricating Conditioning Shampoo specifically developed to minimise the risk of abrasion during the wash process and lubricate the wash mitt across the surface of the substrate.




Reactive Iron Fe Decontaminant provides the fastest reaction of any product we have tested also available as a high viscosity Reactive Iron Gel Decontaminant. This is used after the clean process and removes iron and rust particles. It exhibits a purple-red colour change as it quickly reacts with metallic iron ions. Bonded iron contamination will become water soluble and easily washed away.

Correct and Polish

We use CSP Polishing System with Rupes polishers and Pads as used by Master Detailers and High End Automotive Repair Centres (Body Shops). This can be stage 1 or 2 or include extra stages for the ultimate show finish.

Paint Protect

Seal and Protect the flawless finish with a choice of CSP Last Stage Product. These include CSP Finest Grade t1 Carnauba Wax, QD Gloss + Protect through to the latest Patented Nano Particle Technology and ceramic coatings.


Check out our Instagram page or the Gallery to discover the outstanding results achieved with these products.

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Valeting services and interior detailing can bring back the feeling a new car interior gives. No matter how dirty we can bring the interior back to where it should be and with professional carpet shampoos and equipment you will not believe the dirt that can be removed. Our Prestige interior dressing, leather creams and nano leather protection will make your interior feel like never before as well as protect from spillages and general dirt and dye from clothing.


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